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Ecommerce automation to accelerate your online sales, and enhance your brand equity.

Why invest in MarTech for ecommerce

Ecommerce automation is a technique through which retailers can automate their marketing to endorse hyper-personalization and better customer engagement.

That is because you can reach the right customers at the right time with the right information by promoting your products to drive sales.

Are you struggling with your MarTech in ecommerce?

We are ecommerce automation experts in Montreal. We will help you leverage your ecommerce platforms for your business.

Elevate your email marketing from a simple monthly newsletter to automating your communications at every stage of your customer journey.

Setting up proper triggers, efficient sequences, consumer segmentation, and automated communication will get your email marketing where it needs to be.

All of our MarTech services for ecommerce



Take your email marketing from simple sending emails to thoughtful automated sequences to influence and communicate with your customers or future customers at every stage of their journey. 



Develop and automate your emails with workflows. It is important to have a variety of sequences in order to ensure that all possible consumers are being targeted, and thus seizing all opportunities. 

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Segment your consumers by relevant criteria in order to better target them and increase sales.



We have the expertise on the best automated ecommerce platforms. We can plan, manage and optimize your platform and your automated ecommerce campaigns.

Are you facing any of these MarTech challenges?

We can help you. We have solutions to the most common problems in MarTech for ecommerce.

Ecommerce Strategies

We will help you create an effective ecommerce strategy for your automations.

Audience Segmentation

We will help you properly segment your audiences with the correct properties into different lists.

Fully Setting Up Your Account

We will help you setting up your business on MarTech platforms like Klaviyo, ActiveCampaign, and HubSpot.

Flows and Sequences

We have the expertise to help you develop comprehensive and personalized sequences. 

Customer Loyalty and Retention

Developing precise messaging that is personalized can be difficult, but we can help you.

Generate Revenue

We will set your automations in the path to generating revenue.

Automate Your Business

The goal in ecommerce marketing is often to expose your products and maintain consumers engaged with your brand, all whilst displaying relevant products with personalized content and then ultimately to increase online sales.

Opportunities in MarTech for Ecommerce
  • 93% of organizations with an advanced personalization strategy experienced revenue growth (Marketo, 2019).
  • Segmented campaigns have proven to increase revenue by 760% (HubSpot, 2019).
  • Klaviyo analyzed how all four automated email flows performed in Q4, categorized by the companies’ average order size. For instance, companies with an average order size of $100 to $200 had an average revenue per recipient of $7.01 for abandoned cart flows, $3.34 for welcome series, $1.95 for browse abandonment emails, and $0.84 for winback emails (Klaviyo, 2016).

What stage of MarTech are you at?

I'm starting

I'm starting

We will set up your accounts on any MarTech platform with the essentials in order to have you begin on a successful course.
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I'm struggling

I'm Struggling

We will help you optimize your MarTech account in order to direct you in the right path for your business.
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I want more results

I want more results

We will help you strategize and execute effective ecommerce initiatives for your business in order to generate more sales and profits on your MarTech platform.
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