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A complete range of services for companies wishing to increase their ecommerce performance and sales in a sustainable way by leveraging Amazon.

Why invest in Amazon

“Amazon has become the starting point for the majority of shopper journeys; 74% of consumers begin their product searches on the “Everything Store.” 

(Amazon Advertising Report by Jungle Scout, 2021)

Are you struggling with advertising on Amazon and Seller Central?

 If so, that’s okay. As industry experts in ecommerce, we are well-rounded when it comes to Amazon Ads and Seller Central. We help businesses such as yours in a variety of ways, for instance, from getting started to effective ecommerce strategies and executions.

Our Amazon Services



Boost your organic presence on Amazon; includes Products, Fulfillment methods, A+ Content, Reviews, and Storefront.




Guidance towards protecting your brand on Amazon and accessing advanced features.


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 Accelerate your brand awareness and ecommerce sales on Amazon with Amazon Ads.

Are you facing any of these Amazon challenges?

We can help you. We have solutions to the most common problems in ecommerce.

Winning the Buy Box

Winning the Buy Box is very competitive, we have the expertise to increase your changes.

Brand Registry

We can take you through the steps to become a Brand Registry. 

Fully Setting Up Your Accounts

We will help you setting up your business on Amazon Ads and Seller Central.

Ecommerce Strategies

We will assist you in executing effective ecommerce strategies on Amazon Ads in order to boost sales.

Optimizing Post-launch Campaigns

Once a campaign is running, we know what metrics to focus on and how to adjust accordingly.

High ROAS & Low ACOS

With effective optimization, we will set your campaign in the path to obtaining a high ROAS and a low ACOS.

The Pertinence Media Approach

We focus on results and performance

Generating revenue with an online business is based on having a well thought-out ecommerce strategy, based on a coherent and defined plan on Amazon Ads and Seller Central. 

Our methodology consists of putting in place the marketing tactics necessary to generate qualified traffic on your product pages and engage users around your brand. Our goal is to turn visits into purchases as quickly as possible, and then to build customer loyalty while increasing the value and recurrence of their purchases on Amazon.

Finally, we analyze each element, adjust and repeat these initiatives on the Amazon platforms, while continuously finding new ways to improve performance.

What stage of Amazon are you at?

I'm starting

I'm starting

We will set up your accounts on Amazon Ads and Seller Central with the essentials in order to have you begin on a successful course.
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I'm struggling

I'm Struggling

We will help you optimize your accounts, Amazon Ads and Seller Central, in order to direct you in the right direction for your business.
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I want more results

I want more results

We will help you strategize and execute effective ecommerce initiatives for your business in order to generate more sales and profits on Amazon.
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We evaluate your Amazon platforms (Amazon Ads & Seller Central) to determine your strengths and your areas of improvements. Thereafter, we show you how to optimize your sales performance.

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Why work together?

We work in collaboration with our clients in order to better understand their situation. As a result, this allows us to better tailor our expertise based on your unique needs and thus help you succeed.


We are results-oriented. Everything we do is measured, evaluated and optimized.

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A boutique agency means efficient work and less superfluous expenses for you.

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Customer service and quality are our strengths. We answer your emails and call you back quickly.

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Are you looking to improve your online shopping experience or stand out from your competitors? We create customized digital strategies.

From daily checks to audits and relevant optimizations, we can improve your results without increasing your advertising budget.

Elevate your email marketing from a simple monthly newsletter to the automation of your communications at every step of your customer journey.

A good keyword strategy and an effective SEO optimization plan are the keys to enable your future customers to find your brand and content online.