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Our strategic guides are clear, concise, and easy to understand. Adapted to today’s marketing challenges, the guides will provide you with insights on how to improve the performance of your different marketing strategies.

Planning your digital marketing campaigns

This guide contains nine elements to consider before, during, and after the implementation of your digital strategy. 

  • How to measure your progress
  • How to define your digital marketing budget
  • The importance of a clear strategy
  • And more

Boost your e-Commerce website - Vol. 1: Attract

In this first volume of 3 are discussed the key elements to attract high-quality traffic on your e-Commerce website using strategies such as SEO, social media, and digital advertising


Boost your e-Commerce website - Vol. 2: Engage and convert

In this second volume of 3 are discussed efficient remarketing techniques, the importance of automated emails, and some tips on how to optimize online chat


Boost your e-Commerce website - Vol. 3: Retention and optimization

In this final volume of 3 you will find customer retention models as well as tips to optimize customer relations.

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