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Increase your team digital skillset.

Customized training programs for businesses

Our training courses are eligible for subsidies of up to 50% of your training costs thanks to the Quebec government’s Mesure de formation de la main-d’œuvre Program. 

We are certified trainers by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail du Québec and we can help you increase the digital skills of your teams.

SEO Training

You already have a strategy in place and want to improve it, or just starting your SEO efforts?

Our SEO training gives you the tools to allow your future customers to find you, by deploying a good keyword strategy and producing content relevant to your business. 


Digital Advertising Training

A good digital advertising strategy meets several business objectives.

Our training delivers the essential elements to help you build an advertising strategy that matches your objectives to reach the right customers at the right time.


Email Marketing Training

Qualifying leads, analyzing engagement statistics or being present at every stage of the customer journey: automating your email marketing strengthens the bond with your customers by building loyalty and increasing your conversion rate.

Our experts are there to train you and help you get the most effective email marketing possible.


Klaviyo Training

We train you to use Klaviyo, an email and marketing automation platform. You’ll be able to define and create segments, set up and analyze your email campaigns and put in place automated email sequences.


Digital Strategy Training

Your customers and targets are ultra-connected. To succeed in making the difference in these competitive times, it’s important that they can find you when they need to.


eCommerce Training

We train you to make online business as easy as possible for you.

From acquiring qualified traffic to understanding your shoppers and maximizing their average shopping cart value, our experts show you how to build your eCommerce business effectively.


B2B Lead Generation Training

Generating leads is an essential step to succeed in generating sales. You cannot significantly improve your sales close rate without qualified leads. 

Our training gives you the appropriate methodology, the balance between content distribution and taking into account all stages of the customer journey, in order to improve and effectively increase your sales. 


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