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Take your email marketing from a monthly newsletter to having automated communications at every step of your customer journey. 

Lead nurturing, lead scoring and automated communication sequences will bring your email marketing to where it needs to be.

Email & Marketing Automation Strategy

Take your email marketing from simple email blasts to a series of email sequences tailored to influence and communicate with your customers or soon to be customer at every step of their journey. That’s the power of a marketing automation strategy.


Email & Marketing Automation Audits

Take a closer look at your current email and marketing automation efforts. Uncover hidden potential and ensure your platform and strategies are appropriate for the goals you want to reach.


Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring

Use lead nurturing email marketing sequences to move your leads through your sales funnel and stay top of mind. Send the right content at the right time to influence your leads into purchasing your products or services. Use lead scoring to qualify your leads and focus on leads that have a high chance of closing.



No one to run your marketing automation tool ? Don’t know where to start in order to get the full benefits of your platform ? We have experts on many of the leading marketing automation platforms. We can plan, run and optimize your marketing automation platform and campaigns. 


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