eCommerce accelerator

A complete range of services for companies wishing to increase their ecommerce performance in a sustainable way.

Let's face it, eCommerce is not simple.

From acquiring traffic, to understanding the customer journey, to maximizing the average shopping cart, everything can quickly become complex.

Our eCommerce Accelerator is a customized service offering that meets every online business challenge, allowing you to quickly increase your performance.

Does your eCommerce site perform up to your expectations?

All the services you need to dramatically increase your eCommerce performance



Personalized digital marketing strategy to generate traffic on your eCommerce and meet your sales objectives.




We focus on SEO and digital advertising to significantly increase your traffic.


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Customer journeys and automated sequences to build customer loyalty and increase the value of each transaction.

Facing any of these issues?

We can help you. We have solutions to the most common problems in e-commerce.

Lack of traffic

We get the right volume of visitors to your site to generate the sales you want.

Low conversion rate

We turn simple visits into purchases to increase your revenues. 

Products not on Google

We make your products more accessible to those who are looking for them. 

Confusing statistics

Put the important KPIs front and center. No frills, just the numbers that matter.

Non-Loyal Customers

We automate the follow-up of your most profitable customers to encourage them to buy again. 

Acquisition costs too high

We create profitable customer acquisition models based on mesured marketing channels.

Our approach

We focus on results and performance

Generating revenue with an online business is based on having a well thought-out strategy, based on a coherent and defined plan. A strategic action plan designed for the year, or even the next few years, to maintain stable growth. Our methodology consists of putting in place the marketing tactics necessary to generate qualified traffic on your site and engage users around your brand and your products. Our goal is to turn these visits into purchases as quickly as possible, and then to build customer loyalty while increasing the value and recurrence of their purchases. Finally, we analyze each element, adjust and repeat.

At what eCommerce stage are you?

I'm starting in eCommerce

I'm starting in eCommerce

From the implementation of your marketing strategy to the selection of your eCommerce site provider, we accompany you in the implementation of a strategy specific to your business and your market.
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I want more results

I want more results

Are you struggling to increase your conversion rate, build customer loyalty or understand your audiences? We deploy comprehensive strategies that meet every eCommerce need. We evaluate your existing online business to identify its strengths and areas for improvement to generate more sales.
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Evaluate yourself

What are your strong points? What improvements should you implement ? We evaluate your eCommerce site to show you how to optimize its performance. 

Why work together?

We know which levers to press and the mistakes to avoid in order to be successful. No need to reinvent the wheel.


We are results-oriented. Everything we do is measured, evaluated and optimized.

boutique AGENCY

A boutique agency means more work and less superfluous expenses for you.

customer service

Customer service and quality are our strengths. We answer your emails and call you back quickly.

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Let’s see how we can help you increase your results.

They chose us. Will you ?

Relevant digital marketing strategies for big and small businesses.

Are you looking for other services?

Are you looking to improve your online shopping experience or stand out from your competitors? We create customized digital strategies.

From daily checks to audits and relevant optimizations, we can improve your results without increasing your advertising budget.

Elevate your email marketing from a simple monthly newsletter to the automation of your communications at every step of your customer journey.

A good keyword strategy and an effective SEO optimization plan are the keys to enable your future customers to find your brand and content online.