Key to success in e-commerce: Communicating in moments that count

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The success in e-commerce website is mostly determined by the income that it generates. Every business needs to have a serious plan on how to accelerate its e -commerce sales. What causes growth? New customers? Increased average value of sales? There are many ways to achieve it.

Acquiring new customers is often a more expensive activity. An interesting alternative is to work with our existing customers to increase the value of transactions thereof. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% versus 5-20 % to a new one. This alternative thus becomes very appealing.

The key to success in e-commerce are:

  • Use the critical moments in your customer experience to offer additional buying opportunities.
  • Personalize and dynamize your communications to better target your offers and promotions to your customers.


Depending on what you sell, there may be several critical moments that you can exploit to increase your sales opportunities. Here are some examples:

  1. When opening an account to welcome your new customer.
  2. Following an online purchase to offer a complementary product.
  3. Following the quitting of a purchasing process or online booking to reactivate the customer’s buying process.
  4. On a customer’s birthday.
  5. After a period of inactivity from a customer.

Using transactional emails will allow you to interact with your customers at times when they are very receptive, attentive and willing to buy from your company. Therefore, these emails offer a perfect opportunity to assert your offers, your message and /or your company.

According to eMarketer, automated transactional emails hit an average open rate of 49.8 % and a CTR of 9.8%. Wow!


The key to success in e-commerce is relevance: Right message at the right time to the right person.

Dynamic content ensures relevance. Also known as adaptive or behavioral content, dynamic content refers to a section of website, a call to action, an advertisement or an email section that is modified according to the interests, socio- demographic information or past behavior of a customer. Dynamic content allows creating a hyper- personalized experience for that user in a particular moment.

Is the user a new customer, a potential customer or a loyal customer? Is he ready to buy or is he looking for more information? Use the information that you have to better identify the needs of your customer and dynamically extend an offer that corresponds to his/her needs. Loyal customer? Offer him a VIP discount. Looking for information? Offer information about people like him/her who have made a purchase.

Adopting an approach of communicating in the critical moments in your customer experience combined with making offers based on personalized marketing will allow you to have a positive impact on your sales in addition to offering your customers a pleasant and personalized experience. If you aim to accelerate your e- commerce sales, this is a strategy that you cannot afford to ignore.

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