6 tips to increase your online sales with social media

It’s no secret that social media is an essential tool for building brand awareness and developing relationships with your customers.

Although their main function is not to generate sales, social media platforms can prove to be an effective tool to increase your eCommerce revenue, provided you adopt an approach adapted to each of your platforms.

Here are 6 tips for increasing your sales through social media:

Change your call to action

Make sure the call-to-action on your Facebook page is “SHOP NOW”.

On Instagram, add a call-to-action in your bio to encourage your followers to click on a link.

Send your followers directly to a relevant page

Do not make the mistake of sending your followers to the home page of your website or online store. If your post is about a particular product, add a link to the product page. This way, you will reduce the number of steps your subscribers will have to go through to complete a transaction.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer the ability to add a link under a unique post. You will have to maximize the space dedicated for this purpose in your bio. Do not hesitate to modify the link in your bio regularly and mention it in your posts.

On Instagram, if you have more than 10,000 subscribers or if you have a verified account, you can also add a link to your stories. This feature allows you to direct your subscribers directly to a page where they can buy a product.

Tag your products in your posts

Facebook and Instagram now offer the possibility to identify your products in your posts. This feature gives your products greater visibility. In addition, by allowing your subscribers to shop directly from your newsfeed, you are significantly reducing the length of their customer journey.

You can access this feature by creating a product catalog on Facebook or by connecting your social media to your e-commerce platform.

Although Pinterest does not allow you to tag products on your pins, you can use them as a product catalog. Create a pin for each of your products with a link to the product page. This way, users who notice your products on Pinterest only needs to click on the photo to be directed to the page where they can buy it.

Invest in advertising

Unfortunately, the reach of organic content is steadily decreasing compared to sponsored content. You will need to consider paying to promote some of your content to ensure you have a minimum of visibility.

To optimize your sponsored ads on Facebook and LinkedIn, set up your Business Manager. This interface will allow you to have more advanced targeting options than by simply boosting posts.

Once your Business Manager is set up, install the pixel that will allow you to track conversions your social media ads generate on your website.

You can also save relevant audiences for your ads by targeting Facebook and LinkedIn users based on their age, location, interests, or position. You can easily address your ads to these target audiences after you have saved them as an audience group.

The pixel also allows you to create remarketing and look-a-likes audiences (people who do not know you but have similarities to your customers) specific to your Facebook audience.

On Facebook, be sure to use shopping ads if your goal is to sell products. Facebook Product Ads offer the ability to post a photo, price and customer recommendations.

Finally, set up your Merchant Center and use the Dynamics product Ads! This will allow you to upload your product catalog to automatically generate ads with multiple product links that will reach a target identified by the Facebook algorithm as the most relevant.

Share testimonials

Social networks are an interesting place to interact with your prospects and show them recommendations that could convince them to become customers.  

According to a PWC study published in 2016, 45% of Americans say that their online purchases have been influenced by reading reviews, comments, and feedback on social networks.

Share customer testimonials on your social networks, especially if they are influencers!

Offer a Discount

Offering a discount is also a great way to increase your online sales. Many people follow brands on social media in the hope of gaining access to exclusive offers.

Do not disappoint your subscribers! Offer them regular exclusive promotions or information on future promotions to thank them for being part of your community.

Study your audience to find out who you are talking to and thus propose offers adapted to your communities.


Whether you do it yourself, or have eCommerce experts take care of it for you, applying these 6 tricks is sure to help you increase your online sales.

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