How to Get Started with Connected TV Ads

In today’s world, Connected TV ads (or CTV ads) have recently begun to trend in marketing because of big entertainment streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, etc. that started to incorporate ads into their apps in order to generate additional revenue.

So as a marketer, you may be wondering on how to get started with advertising in streaming platforms that include ads during movies and TV series as well as about implementing it into your marketing strategy. This article will provide you with an overview of the essentials of Connected TV (CTV) ads.

Marketing Strategy with CTV Ads

First and foremost, the number of viewing hours on Connected TV (CTV) has significantly risen over the years and it is continuing to increase as well as the adoption of users going for ad-supported streaming services is on the rise.

That being said, incorporating video ads to your marketing strategy is an excellent method to reach out to a broader audience, because the objective is to drive brand awareness to a large audience in which within the audience you will not only communicate your brand’s message to your current audience but as well seeking out to a new audience. When it comes to conveying the message of your videos, it is essential to make them as a storytelling because it tends to perform the best by attaching to your audience’s emotions.

Furthermore, audiences are at their most focused when they are watching TV, because their attention is already centered on the large TV screen, and that is when you will want to display your brand with video ads.

This essential top of funnel approach, ultimately, plays a synergistic role to the rest of your marketing funnel all the way through to the conversion stage.

What to Expect from CTV Advertising

When it comes to Connected TV ads, the very first thing that you should expect is the fact that it is very expensive in general. For instance, the approximate CPM for the following platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube TV are, respectively, $39-45, $30, $22-40, and $32.

Moreover, in order to advertise on YouTube TV the minimum marketing budget required is $35,000, as for Prime Video the minimum marketing budget is $10,000, but if you’re looking for a low-cost option is CTV ads via Hulu for a minimum of $500 per campaign as well as CTV campaigns on Microsoft Ads for an affordable alternative for small businesses (an interesting piece of information about CTV ads on Microsoft Ads is their TV streaming partners, which includes Discovery+, Max, Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, and more). Additionally, advertisers can directly create CTA campaigns via Paramount Ad Manager for a minimum spend of $500. Also, there’s the option to create CTV ads via LinkedIn Ads in order to reach professionals and scale it across their network of publishers, including Paramount, Roku and Samsung Ads.

A crucial element to consider is that some of these streaming platforms are on a programmatic approach (or also known as “reserve buy”), meaning that you must purchase your ad placement in advance in order to reserve your publicity spot. This applies to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube TV.

Finally, keep in mind that the video format and specs, which are similar for each CTV platform, are video dimensions as 1920 x 1080 pixels and a recommended video length from 15 to 30 seconds.

How to Create CTV Ads

You may be wondering where to go in order to launch your first Connected TV (CTV) ads campaign. Below are the website links for the aforementioned advertising streaming platforms:


Connected TV ads (or CTV ads) have gained popularity in recent years as a result of large entertainment streaming companies that added an ad-supported tier to their subscription options and users have demonstrated an interest in that new type of subscription, as well as this trend is steadily increasing over time.

And now you are on the right track to getting started with your first CTV marketing campaign in order to generate brand awareness and visually communicate with your audience with video ads on entertainment streaming platforms.

If you would like further information and assistance, you are encouraged to contact our marketing experts. We would be delighted to assist you in your CTV advertising. We can manage your ads accounts and optimize your CTV campaigns all while ensuring that your marketing video ads remain aligned with your brand’s objectives.

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