Email template for B2B prospecting

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What is the difference between a prospecting email that no one will answer and one that will generate dozens of responses? Is it the subject, the length of the email, the way the text or the ideas of the content? The answer: a combination of all these factors.

If you use a list of qualified leads and you get a response rate of less than 10% (1 in 10) then you need to make your emails better.

Before showing you the email template that will boost your B2B marketing, here are the most common errors in B2B emails:

  • Too long: no one wants to read a book in an email.
  • Too many ideas: including too much information, too many ideas or writing too much about functionality product features in your emails can leave the reader confused.
  • Me, me, me: Many B2B prospecting emails talk too much about you and why your business is so amazing. The emphasis should be on the value for the potential client and not on you.
  • Appearance: a prospecting email should not look like a newsletter. A look that is too refined and that uses too many images removes the authenticity and the personal aspect of your email. Try to keep to a visual style that you would use when writing to someone you know.

Example of a template B2B prospecting email

Here is an example of a successful B2B prospecting email template:

Subject : [add your value proposition] in 10 minutes

Dear [Name],

I have an idea for [business] that I can explain within 10 minutes and which would allow you to [add your value proposition]
I have recently used a similar idea for our client [name of client] which allowed them to add [results from to the value proposition].

[first name], we should arrange a 10 minute call in order to allow me to present to you my idea. When would be the best time for you?

So for a company that specializes in generating B2B leads online the email would look something like this:

Subject : 10x more web leads within 10 minutes

Dear John,

I have an idea for John inc. that I can explain within 10 minutes and which would allow you to generate 10 times as many leads from your website.

I have recently used a similar idea for our client Smith inc. which allowed them to generate 50 qualified leads in the last week.

John, should I arrange a 10 minute call in order to allow me to present to you my idea? . When would be the best time for you?

Initial results of this template:

  • Opening rate of 57%
  • Response rate of 21%

Why does this B2B prospecting template work?

For a number of reasons:

  • Inviting subject: this is the first thing that you interlocutor will see and it’s because of their information that he or she will decide whether to continue reading or not. 50% of the writing process of the email should be dedicated to finding your subjects and testing different versions. Always think about the value for the interlocutor.
  • Interesting offer: gives your prospective clients reason to write back to you. An interesting offer adapted to their situation/problems is ideal. Combine this with a call to action that is simple and easy to execute and you will have a perfect pair.
  • Personal: the email is personal and uses an informal tone. If the email is too formal this can create a barrier between you and the interlocutor. Be simple and authentic.
  • Credible: One of the biggest barriers to overcome in sales is the risk perceived by the client. No one wants to be the first client or do business with a non-credible business. By mentioning one of your clients and their results, you offer them a less risky investment.
  • Simple: simple, short and direct.

Give our email template a try. Did this increase your B2B marketing? Do you have any questions/comments? Let us know.

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