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By: Pertinence Media | On: 01/10/2018 | Category: Digital Marketing, e-commerce |

Understanding and applying Drive-To-Store in our digital marketing campaigns

During the past couple of years, many experts have spoken out on the future of retail. Few of them saw a glorious future for traditional retail trade, while ecommerce was gaining more and more market share.

5 types of B2B content you should invest in to increase your credibility

If content marketing has become the number one weapon of many companies wishing to develop new customers, it is good that this strategy has been proven for many years in terms of visibility and reputation.
Investing in a content marketing strategy must, however, be carefully considered, with full knowledge of the issues and constraints of the exercise. Indeed, all the success (or failure!) of this method is based on the production and sharing of relevant content and high quality to disseminate your expertise to your customers and those you covet.

By: Pertinence Media | On: 13/08/2018 | Category: Digital Marketing |

How to choose the objective of your Facebook campaign: advantages and disadvantages

Facebook is arguably one of the most effective ad platforms for whoever masters the ad manager. Its targeting precision and its numerous campaign opportunities offer a range of interesting services for all companies that want to work on their reputation or communicate differently with their customers. Let us give you some advantages, disadvantages and tips to better understand the subtleties of the most popular Facebook campaign objectives: conversions, traffic, product catalog, lead generation and store visits.


By: Pertinence Media | On: 08/05/2016 | Category: Digital Marketing |

Facebook Audience Optimization in 2016

Over the past years, Facebook has made us accustomed to constantly innovate and push the segmentation potential and personalization of their platform. 2016 appears no different.